Nov 042013

Motivation Level: Ninja

No Photoshop hereFeel great today. Relaxed this weekend and slept well. I hit the mountain trail, ran at a sprint every time there was an upward incline. Did push-ups on any flat surface. (Regular push-ups, hands close push-ups, and inclined push-ups with my feet on a rock.) Did this for an hour. Almost puked.

Then I carried a log home.

Going to Tae Kwon Do tonight so I will be exercising twice today.

Oct 282013

This is my equipment. Sure, I could get thousands of pounds in weights but why, since I can’t lift them. My body weight is plenty for me.


Since hand strength is important for American Ninja Warrior, I squeeze this thingy as much as possible.


A benefit of living in the mountains. Twice a week I run up the trails and jump on rocks and fallen trees. Yes, I sound like a huffing, puffing, cursing Sasquatch but it is good exercise.


Oct 272013

The fitness sites always have a section for measurements. Here are mine:

Height – 6’0″

Weight – 167 lbs

Chest – 39 1/2 ”

Arms – 13 1/4 ”

Waist – 34″

Thigh – 21″

Neck – 15″